Gamezop Full Guide: Gamezop Referral Code & Payment Proof

Today I will tell you about a gaming site that can help you in earning some pocket money for you. In this article, we will be talking about Gamezop which is a gaming site where you can earn some extra bucks. Before starting, I would like to tell you this article will be a full guide about Gamezop which include Gamezop Refer Code, signup process, Withdraw Methods, and almost all thing that you should know before signing up on Gamezop.

What is Gamezop

Gamezop Refer & Earn

Gamezop is one of the Best Gaming Website in India for Online Earners. You can find a lot of Different & New type games on Gamezop. It has the feature of battle and tournaments where users can earn money by playing games. Gamezop games are available for all devices because there all games are based on HTML5.

The best part is that Gamezop brings new games timely on their platform so you will never get bored while playing different games. I think now you have some basic idea that what is gamezop. So now, Let’s move to the Gamezop Signup process.

How to Register on Gamezop

It’s time to register on Gamezop because we have already grabbed some basic information about Gamezop. Below I have mentioned step by step process for registering on Gamezop. You will get a SignUp Bonus of 5 rs for registering on Gamezop doesn't matter you use a referral code or not. You will definitely get a SignUp bonus.

1. Go to the official site of Gamezop with the below link.

2. Now you will see Gamezop page as below.

Gamezop Refer Code

3. Here you will get an option for entering your mobile number for registering on Gamezop. Enter your Paytm linked mobile number and tap on the start button. ( Remember the mobile number that you are adding here should be a Paytm Linked number. Because you all earnings will be transferred on only on that Paytm number that you have filled during the registration process )

4. After this, You will get a new page for entering OTP like below as shown in Image and an OTP ( One Time Password ) will come on the mobile number that you have used for registration. Now enter that OTP and tap on the Login & Get App button.

Gamezop Refer & Earn Code

Now you are successfully registered on Gamezop. It means now you can start playing games for earning money on Gamezop.

How to Earn with Gamezop

If you are wondering how to earn money on Gamezop, Don’t worry I will tell you all things as I previously said this will be a full guide about Gamezop.

Below are the methods that you can use for earning money on Gamezop.

You can earn money by participating in tournaments. Gamezop have tournament option in almost all games. There are cash tournaments, token tournaments, and even free tournaments are also available.
There is also a battle option where you can earn instant cash if you win. Battle options also have three variations: cash, tokens, and free. In free battles, you will earn 1 token for winning.

Gamezop also conducts contests from time to time. In which the 1st winner gets an expensive gift and the remaining winners get some cash prize. Users can also earn money by referring people to Gamezop.
And the third option is spin and earn. You will get one spin daily in Gamezop. In this spin and earn option you can earn promo cash or tokens.

How to Join Tournaments in Gamezop

Participating in Gamezop tournaments is too easy, but if you face any problem then don’t worry we are here to help you. Below is the process for participating in a tournament in Gamezop.

I hope that you already know how to register and login to Gamezop as I have already mentioned it above.

1. First of all login in your Gamezop account.
2. Now find the game that you like to play.
3. I am selecting the below game and as you can see there are different tournaments running in one game. I am selecting the third one where the entry amount is tokens.

Gamezop Invite Code

4. You will see the prize breakdown. It can be static or dynamic. Mostly it is dynamic in Gamezop tournaments. Dynamic means If participants increase then the winner’s ratio will also increase. Now click on the Play button.

Gamezop Refer Link
So that is how can you participate in Gamezop tournaments. You can play unlimited times until the tournament ends. If you are the winner then you will get the prize money after the end of the tournament.

How to Play Battles in Gamezop

Gamezop also has a battle option in which you can earn instant cash. Below is the step by step process of doing battle in Gamezop.
1. Login in Gamezop and find a game in which you would like to do battle.
2. You will find battles with different entry and winning amount. Click on the play button.

Gamezop Invitation Link

3. Now you will see the prize breakup. If you are ready then click on the Play Battle button.

Gamezop Full Guide
4. After this, the battle will start. Remember there is only one chance to play in battle. You must need to score higher than your opponent for winning.

Gamezop Refer and Earn: Gamezop Referral Code

Gamezop has the best refer and earn program in which you can earn up to 5 rs from each referral. Do you want to know how can you earn money by referring friends to Gamezop? Below is the step by step process of Gamezop refer and earn method.

1. For referring your friends need to find your referral code or refer link.
2. Click on the three lines appearing on the top left.
3. Now click on the Refer & Earn option.

Invite Link Gamezop

4. Here you will get your referral link. You can copy it and either share it directly on Whatsapp.

Refer Code of Gamezop

5. You will get 2 rs instant when your friend registered with your given link. If your friend makes a first deposit of 10 rs or More then you will also get 3 rs. So that is how you can earn up to 5rs per refer. And the best part is you can withdraw your referral earning easily because it comes in winning wallet.

(Note: You are allowed to do only 25 referrals per day. If you do more than it then you will not be rewarded for that referrals.)

Withdraw Money From Gamezop

There are three options for withdrawing money from Gamezop.


1. You can withdraw your winning amount instantly in your Paytm wallet. For redeeming money in your Paytm wallet. First of all click on the three lines.
2. Now click on the Withdraw option.

Gamezop Withdraw Methods

3. Select the Paytm option.

Gamezop Paytm Cash Proof

4. Now enter the amount that you want to withdraw and click on the Withdraw button. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 Rs for New Users. As you can see below the minimum withdrawal amount is showing 10 Rs because I have withdrawn many times from Gamezop but in starting it was 1 Rs. So I am withdrawing 14 Rs from Gamezop.

Gamezop Paytm Cash Proof

You will get your winning amount in your Paytm wallet in a few seconds.

Mobile Recharge

1. If you want to do a mobile recharge then click on the three lines and then withdraw option.
2. Now select the Mobile Recharge option.

Gamezop Mobile Recharge

3. After this select your operator. (Note: you can also use your deposit balance for doing mobile recharges.)

Gamezop Mobile Recharge Method

4. Select the Prepaid or Postpaid option according to your SIM and fill your mobile number.

Gamezop Referral Code

5. Enter the recharge amount and click on pay.

Gamezop Referral Link

Your recharge will be done shortly by the Gamezop.


Bazar is the third option for withdrawing your token and winning amount. This is one of the best option for redeeming tokens & money introduced by Gamezop.

Gamezop Bazaar

Where you can purchase different products using cash and tokens. Bazaar has many products including Pen drive, power bank, cricket bat, Bluetooth headphone, mobile phone, led tv, iPhone, and etc. which you can buy using your cash and tokens from Gamezop.

Gamezop Payment Proof

Earning money on Gamezop is really easy. If you have good gaming skills then it’s a good chance for you. Gamezop has multiple games for earning money. Let’s talk about Gamezop Payment Method & Proof.

Below you can see the payment proof of Gamezop.

Gamezop Payment Proof

Gamezop gives you instant withdrawal. You will get your money instantly in your Paytm wallet. Now it’s your turn. Let’s play and earn money. Go to Gamezop.


I hope you like this article. All things that are important to know about Gamezop for earning money is available in this article. I have detailed everything in a systematic manner I don’t think after this article you will need to go anywhere for Gamezop.

In my opinion, Gamezop is a really nice gaming website for earning some extra bucks. You can use it for playing and earning in your free time. What is your opinion about this gaming site please comment below and if you have any problem and suggestions regarding Gamezop and our blog then feel free to share with us.

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